We have successfully been operating as a pub serving food and drink during the pandemic, and have been independently assessed by both police and environmental health officials. 

This means we have a great deal of experience safely handling food and drink paying particular attention to the risks associated with COVID-19.

All of our team members are assessed daily for their fitness to work. 

We frequently wash hands, equipment, and surfaces with industrial, certified sanitisers. 

We do not allow visitors to our premises, or in our vehicles. 

A full range of PPE is available to our staff, who will use it in accordance with any requirements or guidelines, or where they feel it is appropriate. 

We keep handling of raw goods to a minimum, and wear PPE during packing. 

Whilst it is generally understood that coronavirus is unlikely to be transmitted via food, we recommend that you wash fruit and vegetables upon arrival.

You should not wash meat - cook it properly. 


Where there is not existing guidance, we adopt a common sense approach.